Your childhood friend is an NPC who serves to explain the game.  You may also purchase items from her.

You can access her from the main screen.  Her help topics are:

  • Characters
    • About pub master
    • About pub master: 2
    • About merchant
    • About dungeon master
    • About dungeon master: 2
    • About dungeon master: 3
    • About dungeon master: 4
  • Quests
    • What is a quest?
    • Two kinds of quest
    • About free quest
    • About free quest: 2
    • About canceling free quest
    • Stopping the quest (free quest)
    • Stopping the quest (other quests)
    • Secret of gathering quests
    • New Quests
    • Boss of the kill quest
    • Client of escort quest
  • Dungeons
    • About dungeon structure
    • When you collapsed in a dungeon
    • Special abilities of monsters
    • About Earth Lake
    • About magma
  • Items
    • Identifying items
    • About cursed items
    • Dispelling a curse
  • Stats
  • Game mechanics
  • Rules
  • Miscellaneous
  • Tips
  • After full debt return

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